The Elephant Camp – Victoria Falls

A Cuddle Puddle with a view

Yet another unbelievably impressive facility at the obviously recovering Victoria Falls is the Wild Horizons Elephant Camp.  A luxury tented camp accommodating up to 18 guests in exquisite facilities where the attention to detail is staggering – even a pair of nail scissors to open the tea/coffee sachets in your room.  One definitely does not want a guest to break a nail doing menial things whilst on safari!

The front deck of each tent includes an open shower, loungers and a cuddle puddle (pool) with a unique view of the spray of the Falls to the left and Gorge to the right.  A Honeymoon paradise!

An Elephant Camp room

Jonathan Ellway is a consummate safari lodge host – nothing is too much effort and his anticipatory service levels are refreshing.  He really spoils his guests on a very personalised level – racing around town sourcing extra special fresh chilli, coriander and mint for his Thai guests; then delivering delicious macadamia and ginger tart to guests that had moved on to their next venue before the tart had come out of the oven …

If the hospitality and the well appointed rooms are not enough, Sylvester will definitely impress.  A young cheetah under rehabilitation comes by the main lodge every morning and evening for his walk on the wild side.  He is released from his harness in the bush below the Lodge to run and play.  When we visited, he put on a show that most animal trainers would envy. 

Sylvester on show

He tried to climb a small bush which he very ungracefully fell out of and then half embarrassed but in no hurry to go, reclined on the pool deck, rolling to and fro, making eye contact with the appreciative audience.

And still more to see … the nearbyWild Horizons Elephant Bank Safaris offers Ellie rides but for us the opportunity to interact was more than enough.  Particularly the babies – it was raining and a teeny little ‘un totally preoccupied with getting mud of his feet distracted us from the feeding of the adults and their farewell salute.  The large thatched central complex offers its own group catering facilities – a fantastic incentive product.    

Little big muddy feet

3 thoughts on “The Elephant Camp – Victoria Falls

  1. Hi Suzanne, this camp sounds fabulous and what a location! I love the name ‘cuddle puddle’! We happen to have some overseas guests in the office today so they got to see what a lovely camp this was too. Stay well! K

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